Company Formation Qualification


When you think of Dragon Den’s charismatic entrepreneur Peter Jones, many will recall his steely determination, funny put downs and even comedy socks. One of the roles you may not associate him with is ‘teacher’. But teaching is exactly what he plans to do at his National Enterprise Academy.

Jones made his millions across a number of verticals, including telecommunications, online, television and even food products – remember Leo Root’s infamous ‘Reggae, Reggae Sauce’. However, now he has decided to give something back to help the UK’s budding entrepreneurs.

As the number of young people are turning their back on the traditional root of school, university, job, is on the increase, many young people are looking for an alternative. While business studies is one of the most popular A-level courses, there is still no formal entrepreneurial qualification available.

Well not anymore. Peter Jones along with the NED, have now devised a qualification in ‘Business and Enterprise’. While the qualification will still incorporate many of the same elements of the traditional ‘Business Studies’ qualification – market research, business theory, strategic management and financial planning – it will also include a much stronger emphasis on the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

Jones claims that the qualification will but students in real life business situations, which will prepare them for all the challenges a business owner faces each day. And in the current economic context, this qualification could be prove very useful indeed,