Green Issues for Company Formation Sector


Throughout the recession, an overwhelming seventy per cent of small businesses said that they had turned their backs on their green initiatives as they had more pressing concerns, such as the future of their companies.

However, now as the Government has stated that the UK is expected to make a huge twenty per cent reduction in the carbon emissions by 2020, the small business and company formation sector are asking for more financial support so they can do their bit.

While there are current finance options for companies looking to improve their green credentials, one of which is access to a loan scheme which offers naught per cent interest to help companies purchase more energy saving equipment and make their buildings more energy efficient, a report conducted by the Forum of Private Enterprise, says that the government needs to do more.

Joanne Drake, spokesperson for the Forum of Private Enterprise, comments; “The government has set massive targets for the small businesses sector, which is fine, however, they now need to help them obtain them by offering financial support and incentives.”

“Small business and recently formed companies are aware of the importance of ‘going green’ not only to the wider environment, but also to their cost cutting; however, they need more financial incentives to encourage them to make it a priority.”