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Is Company Formation The Key To Economic Recovery

A recent survey, carried out by The Board of Entrepreneurs, revealed that most people living in the UK believe that it will be entrepreneurs,  not the Government, that will lead us down the path of economic recovery.
Of the 4,000 people asked, almost 35% felt that entrepreneurs would provide the impetus for economic recovery, compared with the 20% who think that the Government would pull us out of the recession.
Alan Moran, head of entrepreneurs at accountancy firm Graham & Smith comments: ‘The recession has redefined the definition of a ‘good career’. Before the credit crunch, graduates thought that getting into a large corporation guaranteed them security. However, as this theory has been disproved time and time again, more and more people are interested in forming their own company. That sort of entrepreneurial sprit can only mean good things for the UK’s economy. ‘
According to the survey, the person most entrepreneurs would like as their entrepreneurial mentor is Richard Branson, closely followed by the Dragon Peter Jones

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