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Post Company Formation: We can create Meeting Minutes

Once your limited company has been formed, all your company information is stored on your company admin portal. From here you can make various changes to your company (appoint / edit / resign directors, update the registered office, add shares, and much more), check up on your annual return and annual account due dates, remind yourself of basic company information… and download meeting minutes.

We draw up meeting minutes for a number of company actions, including:

To download your meeting minutes:

  1. Login at Company Formation MadeSimple
  2. Select ‘My Companies’
  3. Click on your company name
  4. Scroll down to ‘Request History’ and select ‘View’ under the relevant ‘Minutes’ (you can then print out and complete the document):

Any questions? Leave a comment and we’ll get in touch.

Keep an eye on this blog for more handy post company formation tips.

By Mathew Aitken at MadeSimpleFind Mathew on Google+

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