The Company Formation Sector Doesn’t Trust Politics


In a context which is characterized by the MP’s expenses scandal and personality politics, the above statement will come as little surprise to many. However, a recent report conducted by management consultancy firm KMG, has found that small business owners have less faith now in politicians, than ever before.

According to the report, which surveyed over three hundred small business owners around the country, over seventy per cent feel let down by the current administration. While over eighty per cent feel that neither party has done anything to practically help them during the economic downturn.

Alexander Watson, managing partner at KMG, comments; “Of all the areas of enterprise that have been badly effected by the recession, the company formation and small business sectors are among those who have suffered the worse. Not only have they had to deal with unstable market conditions, they have had no access to finance.”

“If politicians are to regain their trust, they need to show how they plan to help enterprise in the UK, practically. This countries voting public have had enough of shallow promises and ineffective policy.”


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