The Company Formation Sector Needs More Women


When we say ‘Dragon’s Den’, what are the first things you think of? Peter Jones’s colourful socks, Theo Paphitits’s legendary put downs or Deborah Meaden’s icy demeanor? Well if finance management firm Angel’s Den has its way, the next time you think of Dragon’s Den, you will think of the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

According to a recent report, the number of female entrepreneurs investing in new businesses is dangerously low and this new initiative seeks to change all of that. It goal is to raise the number of female entrepreneurs investing in company formation from its current 7% per cent to an overwhelming 75% over the next four years.

Sarah Clooney, founding partner of business consultancy ‘S.C. Consultancy’, comments: ‘There is a massive disparity between the number of male entrepreneurs investing and mentoring new businesses and the number of female entrepreneurs. I think that this has had many negative consequences on British enterprise.”

‘In my opinion female entrepreneurs bring something different to the table when they invest in a company and their experience and insight can prove invaluable, especially if they have been involved with a company from the point of formation. If the number of female ‘Dragons’ increase I think it would encourage more women to go into business and form their own companies, which can only have a positive impact on the UK’s economy.”


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