Tories Support Company Formation


Is it just us, or is election-fever in the air?! Not only have we had Lord Mandelson pledging to support the SME sector in the Government’s ‘Growth Strategy’, but leader of the opposition, David Cameron, has also popped up on the Andrew Marr Show, promising to make the company formation process simpler and to reduce the insolvency threshold.

According to Cameron, forming a company in the UK is overly bureaucratic and ‘takes far too long’ – needless to say, we invite him to trial our three hour company formation process!

Cameron also slammed the way in which the current administration has handled recession, claiming that when the country has been in recession in the past, the number of companies going into administration was far less than number of companies that have gone bankrupt during the current economic crisis.

Cameron claims that this is a direct result of the way in which the Government has handled tax and not done enough to support small to medium enterprise.

Let’s hope this election doesn’t just become about party politics and we actually get some real policy soon.