What the Spending Review Means for Company Formation


As business owners up and down the country anxiously wait to see what impact the government’s spending cuts will have on their businesses, the Confederation of British Industry has come out in force to urge the government not to cut spending in areas which will help support enterprise.

In their statement, the CBI says it appreciates the fact that the government must make cuts in order to sustain the UK’s fragile economic recovery. However, it clearly states that the government must not be short sighted in their approach, making sure that it protects investment in vital areas such as research and development.

Speaking about the government’s planned cuts in spending, Matthew Worsely, from the Forum of Small Business, comments; “Obviously, we are aware that a tough economy means that tough decisions must be made. However, the government promised that recovery would be enterprise led. Making spending cuts in areas which stimulate and support business would be shortsighted and ill-advised.”


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