A Cut in Bureaucracy Helps Company Formation


As the UK’s leading company formation agent, we are right on the front line of the UK’s SME sector. Many of the entrepreneurs, who form their companies with us, tell us what they think could help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably and the overriding compliant most of them, raise is to do with the unnecessary bureaucracy they face daily as they try and operate a business in the current environment.

However, a recent report claims that UK business has saved over £3 millions as a result of government strategies implemented to cut bureaucracy and yet from the feedback we have received most small business owners feel that more needs to be done.
Christopher Turner, founder of the Forum for Small Business comments; “ While the government have made steps to cut the bureaucratic red tape involved in operating a company, our members still feel that they are directing a huge amount of resource into unnecessary form filling and administration. Hopefully this report will highlight the situation to the government and they will take more steps in the future to make the actual process of forming a company and running a business less bureaucratic.”


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