A Road Less Travelled – Does Orginality Pay?


The UK’s economy is driven by small to medium enterprise. Similarly, the SME sector is driven by innovation. Identifying a new business concept, invention, product or service can be the result of a perceived gap in the market, a solution to an everyday problem or a passion or interest you feel can be turned into a business. Regardless of what the idea is, you must ensure the project is commercially viable. Before you begin thinking about company formation, it is important to ask yourself a number or questions:

• Is your idea original?

• If you are planning to turn a hobby or interest into a business, you must consider if you          have the relevant experience and expertise?

• Does a market exist for your idea?  How big is the market, and how will you reach it?

• Do you have competition? If so, who are your competitors and how is their business?

• What are the potential risks and how do you plan to overcome them?

• As a new business idea, how will you encourage investment?

If you can thoroughly research the answers to the above questions and your idea still emerges as original and commercially viable, have a look  at the different methods of company formation.


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