Becoming An Employer


From the moment you begin the company formation process, to the point where you begin to expand your business, the most important resource you invest in is staff. Recruiting and hiring the right people for your business can make the difference between profitability and loss. In this series of posts, we will look at the essential information you will need to recruit, manage and retain your staff ,improving your business and future strategy.

Building the Right Team
Once your company begins to grow, so to will your staffing needs. However, one of the main expenses for small businesses is staff salaries, therefore, before investing time and money into recruitment; it is worth looking at alternative options.

Starting the Process
Large or small, regardless of the size of your company, the people you choose to work for you are an essential part of whether your company turns into a resounding success or failure. Therefore, in order to avoid the costly mistake of employing the wrong person for the job, it is vital that you get the initial recruitment process right.

Interviewing – Asking the Right Questions
The interviewing process is key to ensuring you hire the correct person. In this post we offer practical advice on how to prepare, what to ask and how to establish what they have to offer your company.

Staff Training
Once you have chosen to recruit staff, the most important investment you will make as an employer is training. However, for many small companies, the cost of staff training is not seen as business critical. In this post, we consider the importance of staff training to your overall growth strategy.