Business Banking and Company Formation Support


Throughout the recession the banks have been the subject of much negative press: from bail outs and bonuses through to the head of the Bank of England’s comments on how banking was holding back enterprise. All in all, it has been a tough couple of years.

However, the fact remains each company formation needs a business bank account and they want your business. A large proportion of marketing budget is directed into winning new business accounts and yet despite their attempts the ‘Big Four’ seem unable to repair the damage the recession has done to their reputation.

Our preferred business banking partner, Barclays, is now positioning itself to help small businesses from the point of company formation. From their business resource centre to their local business banking mangers, Barclays is trying to help small businesses.

In addition to the above Barclays are now running a series of seminars up and down the country to help existing and recently formed companies expand their business. The seminars will be run by a number of business and enterprise experts.

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