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Companies Made Simple announce Company Formation package down from £24.99 to £16.99 for a time limited period

You may or may not be aware that the Made Simple Group via were the first company formation agents to set the benchmark for forming a company online for under £25 – at just £24.99 + VAT.

About 8 years ago now, we revolutionised company formation – making it totally accessible to any aspiring company director by being both affordable and accessible via a simple online process.

Of course, being the leader in the market always sparks fierce competition – and so it’s hardly surprising that over the years, a whole tranche of online company formation agents have been born – some purporting to offer lower prices than ours (only on the advertising surface however, as they don’t advise their unknowing customers that the prices they promote don’t actually include the £15 Companies House filing fee, until they get to the checkout! – naughty).

But that’s ok – tough competition keeps us on our toes and spurs us to continuously innovate and improve our processes – ensuring that we remain steadfast as the market leaders, offering the ‘simplest’ online company formation solution in the UK.

‘Let’s try it and see’ is the Made Simple ethos – and so we’re always open to testing out new ideas from the team. Following on from the success of our recent ‘Deal of the Week’ campaign – we’ve decided to reduce our flagship ‘Bronze’ company formation package (usually £24.99 + VAT) to the outstanding offer price of just £16.99 + VAT. And of course, at Companies Made Simple – we’re totally transparent with our pricing, what you see is what you get – there are certainly no hidden catches – if we state £16.99 + VAT, then £16.99 + VAT it is.

Now that means two things – 1) we’re genuinely offering the cheapest company formation package in the UK – and 2) with our £35 Barclays Bank Account Cash Back offer, it actually means that if you purchase the company and get your bank account accepted – then you are making a tidy profit of £18.01! Not bad eh – that’s got to be an exclusive.

We’re trialling this new price of £16.99 + VAT – our plan is to run it for a while and see what happens. So, if you do need to form a company – or you know anyone else who needs to – then don’t hesitate to point them to .

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