Company Formation Agents – Testemonials and Other Peoples Blogs


It’s always gratifying to receive testimonials and of course disappointing to get complaints.  In many ways, the latter are more important to the development of any business than the former.  Sure it’s great to have people say nice things about you so that you can publish them on your website, but the truth of the matter is it can lead to complacency.

The fact of the matter is, however hard you try, you can rarely please all of the people all of the time.  Sometimes, this will be down to genuine failures in systems beyond your control which just couldn’t be avoided.  This could be because of a glitch in Companies House software, a problem with payment providers or even internet hosting issues.  Other times, it can be because of bad customer service or poor communications and when that happens, we just have to hold our hands up and apologise and make good as best we can.  On occasions, it can be due to a difficult customer – we have all met them =  and whatever you do, they are just not going to be happy.

Thankfully, the number of accolades we receive from our customers far outweighs the complaints and in view of the number of companies we form and the volume of transactions that are processed, this is very gratifying.

It’s also great to see your site mentioned independently in other areas of cyberspace and we use Google alerts to keep track of such things.  A recent one

appeared on a new start up blog and it’s great to see how we compare to the competition