Company Formation and The ‘Gender Gap’


It is a well documented fact that, on average, men get paid more than their female counterparts. Phrases such as, ‘glass ceiling ‘and ‘gender pay gap’ have been used by the media for some time. However, a recent report, by the Office for National Statistics, has revealed that the pay gap between men and women is decreasing.

While, on the surface, this appears extremely positive for women in full–time employment, if you look at the report a little closer, the figures reveal that the salary gap is still very much an issue – especially for women working in the private sector.

Indeed, while women working in the public sector can expect to be paid, on average, 12% less than their male colleagues, female professionals working in the private sector are being paid almost a quarter less than their male counterparts.

Sarah Williams, a HR consultant comments: “While the report by the ONS indicates that steps are being made to close the gender gap, we are still a long way a way from establishing any sort of equality in the private sector. Also, it is not only in an inequality in salary women are facing in the workplace. From my experience female professionals at an executive level, also receive less training and development opportunities than their male colleagues.”