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Company Formation – What’s in a Name?

One of the most important decisions you will make in the process of company formation is choosing the company name to register your business with. Before forming your company and filling out registration documents with your company name, there are certain consider:
The name you choose for you company must:
-Incorporate the word ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’ in
-Not include certain restricted words and expressions, such as  ‘federation’, ‘international’ and ‘registration’. For more information on company name restrictions consult the Business Names Act 1985
-Not be related to central or local government
-Not be the same as or similar to other businesses, trademark or company.

If your choosen name is deemed to similar to another business, a complaint can be made to Companies House within 12 months of incorporation and as a result, you can be forced to change it . This could have a considerable negative impact on your business. Therefore, when beginning the process of company formation, it is vital you make an informed descion/ There are various ways of researching your businessness name, you can; consult both the National Business and Trade Marks Register . Patent Office and review the names index at Companies House.

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