Entrepreneurs Give Back to Help Company Formation


In yesterday’s post, we discussed how the majority of small business owners – who have recently formed a company – feel, that the political party that will have the most influence in the future of their company, will be the Conservatives.

However, according to Matthew Marr , founder and CEO of Dictate Digital, while the government and opposition are concentrating on the global economic crisis, many entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands and taking important steps in trying to help the next generation of company formations.

Marr, founded Dictate Digital ,an online advertising agency, before the recession, he comments: “ While those in power and those seeking it, are concentrating on the next election, entrepreneurs on the front line of business, are to busy to join the debate about whether David Cameron will turn out to be a Thatcher-style radical, or a more tempered Macmillan – style moderate. Instead, we are concentrating on surviving the recession and securing the jobs of the people who work for us.”

“As you have commented on a number of times on this blog, out of adversity comes innovation. I wanted to make a difference to the next generation of entrepreneurs and decided to provide free office space for start ups in a similar field, at our offices in London.”

“Many people have asked why? I tell them that I wanted to be part of an evolving industry – not one that is stagnating – and was prepared to put my office space where my mouth was,as it were! We found two extremely interesting start up companies who compliment our businesses core skills; we pass business their way and they do the same. It is a strategy that has worked very well for us and I urge any forward thinking entrepreneur to do the same.”