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Getting your Company Formation right first time round is as easy as…

Incorporation of a limited company through our systems is, as our name suggests, a simple process. However, this simplicity can lead to points being overlooked that can have a negative impact on your company. This can lead to unnecessary stress and focus being diverted away from the more important matters of running your business. The following is a run through of potential ‘pitfall’ areas:

Registered office address

• Note that the registered office address is visible to the public on the Companies House systems, so if you’re using your residential address please be wary of this. We do offer a registered office address service in our privacy, comprehensive and ultimate packages and as a stand alone service.


• Ensure that you enter in the directors’ full name as it appears on their passport. Failure to do so will result in a delay to the opening of the company bank account.
• Provide the correct date of birth – if you do not then you will have to resign the director and reappoint them.
• Make sure that the country of residence matches up with the residential address as failure to do so will end up with Companies House rejecting the application.
• Read the directions in the Section 243 Exemption field and apply accordingly.


• Again, please ensure that you enter in the full name of the shareholders as the name appears on their passport.


• If you are uploading custom M&A’s please ensure that all clauses are entered correctly and the file is in PDF format.
• If you are uploading any supporting documents please ensure that these are in PDF format.


The final step of the company formation process is the summary page. Here you will find all the details that you have entered along with the option to change anything. Please double check this section to ensure that everything is entered correctly. Please also check the company name to make sure that it is spelt correctly.

The above should help you dodge some of the more common issues that arise at incorporation, however if you are unsure about anything at all, then we are available by phone, email or chat, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm.

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