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Getting Your Start-Up’s Website Right

One of the most satisfying moments for any start-up is when the website goes live.
It’s the opening of your shop front, the unveiling of your brand, the introduction of your business. In short, it’s the start.

Therefore you want to get it right. The beauty of digital is that you don’t have to get it right first time, you can tweak and tinker, but it’s great to get close. So here are our top tips for getting your start-up’s site right.

Tell us what you do and do it quick

When a visitor lands on your site, there should be no questions about what it’s designed to do. E-Commerce and ambiguity simply don’t fit. Visitors should know within seconds what you’re there for and how you can help them.

Show us how it works

A good website should leave no question unanswered. Be it a query about the products/services or a question about how to make payment, it should be covered. Use FAQ’s, demo videos, flow charts and your blog to thoroughly explain all your processes.

Don’t hide your contact information

Spending valuable minutes searching for a business’s contact information is infuriating. Your “Contact Us” space should be accessible from your homepage – end of.

Use Calls-to-Action… and lots of them

Each page on your site should have an objective that’s clearly signposted with a Call-to-Action. “Buy Now”, “Read our FAQ’S”, “View our Prices”; something that concisely tells your visitor what they need to do next.

Introduce your existing customers

We absolutely love testimonials. Whether they’re from big brands or one-man bands, they’re a fantastic tool for showing potential customers just how credible you are. They don’t need to be huge, just a paragraph or two will do.

And one final piece of advice for further down the line:

Move with the times

A great site today will probably be outdated within a year; therefore don’t grow too attached to your Version 1. As we mentioned at the start, it’s a good idea to tweak and tinker as and when it’s necessary.

Do you think we have forgotten a valuable piece of advice? Get in touch below with your own hints and tips.

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