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How Do I Change My Registered Office?

One of the most common questions that we get asked is ‘How do I change my registered office?’ In this post we’re going to thoroughly explain how to do this. 

To change the registered office if your company is on our system (formed with us):

Log in to your Company Formation MadeSimple account

Select “My Companies”

  1. Click on the company name
  2. Scroll to “Registered Office”
  3. Select “Update” and enter the new address
  4. Select “Send”

Your request will be sent to Companies House where it’s normally accepted within three working hours.

Please note that this process only works if you have a valid webfiling authentication code. To check if your code is valid follow steps 1-3 in the above process and then click “Sync Data with Companies House”. If the code is valid you will see the message: “Your company has been synchronised with data from Companies House.”. If it’s invalid you will see this: “The company sync was unsuccessful because the authentication code we have is invalid – see here for information on getting a new one.”

If you didn’t form your company with us but want to use our system to change your company’s registered office:

Your company will now be added to your account and you’ll be able to quickly and simply update your registered office.

It really is that simple. If you would like more information about how Company Formation MadeSimple can help your business start, run and grow – take a look here.

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