How our Annual Return Services Work


annual return servicesWe offer two annual return services, the “Preparation and Filing Service” for £40 and the “DIY Online” for £30. So what’s the difference?

Preparation and Filing Service

We will prepare your company’s annual return roughly 3 weeks before the due date (if purchased when the due date has passed we will normally prepare within 24 hours). Once prepared we shall email you and request that you login to our system to review the return. If changes need to be made, simply “reject” the return, you are then prompted to email us the relevant information. We shall make the requested changes and then ask you to review once again. Once the return has been “accepted” it is automatically sent to Companies House where it’s normally processed within 3 working hours.

DIY Online

As soon as the service has been purchased, you can prepare the annual return via our simple to use online template. Preparation takes just a matter of minutes and once filed with Companies House, is normally processed within 3 working hours.

To purchase either service, click here:

Annual Return AR01 Service

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