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Maintenance of statutory books – What is it and how does it work?

Here at Company Formation MadeSimple one of the questions that we get asked often is about maintenance of statutory books.

A typical question we get is firstly what is it? And secondly how does it work?

Not to worry – it is entirely understandable that you might ask these questions as this is something that will appear on your account dashboard. So this blog will explain exactly what you need to know about the maintenance of Statutory Books.

What is it?

The maintenance of statutory books are essentially official records of the key details of your company. What this would particularly relate to is matters of legal consequence.

If you decide to form a company with us you will be able to maintain all of this in a digital format and will be available to view on your account.

The information that you would see in your electronic statutory books would include the following:

From time to time some of this information may change. You might decide to transfer shares from one person to another or appoint a new director. From our experiences things can change fairly often when it comes to small businesses.

So if you want to update these changes – to match Companies House’s records – then click sync the data. Once this has happened the information on your account should match what is on Companies House’s records.

How does it work?

Once your company is successfully formed with us you will be able to view your statutory books. Here is how:


We hope that you found all this useful. For more information on MadeSimple and what we offer see here for more information


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