Making Sales a Priority From Company Formation


The single most important thing you can do to maximise your sales activity from the point of company formation, is to commit to making it your number one priority.

While this may seem obvious, you would be surprised by the number of business owners who get so entrenched in the detail of operating a company and clever marketing activity, that they loose sight of what will actually lead to growth.
In the second part in our series on how to improve your sales team, we look at how to change your sales team’s mindset:
– Focus on deliverables
Most sales people are goal orientated people. Therefore, it is important you give them definite targets and that they have a comprehensive understanding of where they are against these targets at any time in the month. This can be as simple as a board in the office or it could mean weekly meeting to discuss progress and plans. 
– Create a Buzz
It is important that you energise your sales team. The sales department should not be structured like other areas of your company, there should be an audible buzz in the air. This helps maintain a positivity that translates to any new prospect.
– Provide Incentives
Sales people have been trained to recognise the symbiotic relationship between good performance and personal reward. It is important to motivate your sales people and make sure that they are all aware that good performance will be recognised, publicly celebrated and personally rewarded.


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