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More People Considering Company Formation as Staff Morale Plummets

January is notorious for being the most miserable month of the year; the weather is awful, the bills you ran up over the festive period are in and pay day seems a long way away. So a recent report, claiming that over 60% of all employees are also currently unsatisfied with their job, comes as little surprise.

The report, conducted by the CIPD, found that employee morale is at an all time low this month and subsequently, the number of employees considering company formation is set to rise. The CIPD also found that the majority of employees have experienced a 30% decrease in living standards in 2009, which is also a reason why they are considering forming their own company.

HR consultant Anne Richardson, comments: ‘ Despite the fact that the government is expected to announce that the UK is now out of recession, employers need to appreciate that for the majority of their workforce , the “Credit Crunch’ is still very much a reality. Employers need to listen to their team and invest in ways of boosting their morale and commitment. As the findings from this recent report confirm, pay freezes, the threat of redundancy and job insecurity have left the UK with a largely disaffected workforce and if productivity is to be maintained, small business owners need to ensure their employees continue to be motivated.”

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