National Commute Week Gives Employers Food For Thought


As the UK’s leading company formation agent, we have the privilege of working with companies right from the point at which they are incorporated. When we ask them why they chose to start their own company, the main answer most give is “To have greater flexibility at work.”

We have commented on the benefits of flexible working on a number of occasions; however, a recent report by the Trade Union
Congress found that most employers are still unwilling to adopt the strategy.

The report was conducted as part of ‘National Commute Week’ and found that over sixty percent of all employees would like to reduce their commute to the office – feeling that it would make them happier and more productive . However of all the 3,000 workers asked, fifty percent stated that though flexible working has been discussed, their bosses are reluctant to implement the strategy.

Alexander Stephens, the co-coordinator of the report comments: ‘As we are all aware, the recession has put an unprecedented strain on all businesses, but especially SME’s. As a consequence, most employers are concentrating on how to save jobs and survive the credit crunch, rather than ensuring the team they do have are happy. This is a short sighted strategy. Flexible working can increase productivity and reduce overheads, therefore making businesses more robust during times of economic instability.”