New Year, New White Label Service


company formationWe’re absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our brand new white label service. So…

What is the White Label Service?

It’s the kit to become a company formation agent. Ideal for accountants and other professionals who wish to earn money by electronically forming limited companies for their clients.

Once signed up (it’s free!) you can customise the look of the site so that it fits in with your own branding – including your logo. Plus, we allow you to set your own prices. We’re not mentioned anywhere in the company formation process so your clients believe it’s all you.

Click the below links for more information, to register (did we mention it’s free?) or to view a demo.

Register and more info
View a demo

This post was brought to you by Mathew Aitken at Companies Made Simple – The Simplest Company Formation Service

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