Our Cosec Annual Return Services


We provide two different online Annual Return Services for our Cosec (Company Secretarial) customers: the DIY Annual Return Service (£20) and the Standard Annual Return Service (£30).

• With the Standard Annual Return Service we complete the Return for you. Once the purchase of the service has been made our team will look at the Annual Return due date. If the date is imminent we will prepare the return within 2 days, if not, we will prepare the return 3 weeks before the due date.

• With the DIY Annual Return Service you ‘do it yourself’ and prepare the Annual Return online.

With both of our Annual Return Services, once the Return has been submitted on our system it is sent directly to Companies House where it’s normally accepted within 3 working hours.

For more information on the services (please note that prices quoted in the link are our normal retail prices, once signed up for the Cosec System prices will be as mentioned above) click here:

Our Annual Return Services

For more information on our Cosec System, or to sign up, click here:

ICAEW Accredited Company Secretarial System

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