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the share servicesLast Updated: 11/09/2014

Once your limited company has been formed it’s totally normal for the share situation in your company to change. That’s why we offer a number of different share services:

Confirmation of Shareholding at Incorporation (£9.99)

A letter-headed document confirming the shareholding situation at the time of incorporation

Issue of Shares (£49.99)

The filing of the required forms and completion of the necessary minutes for issuing new shares in a limited Company

Share Certificate (£9.99 – 1 certificate per order)

A certificate that validates the share ownership in the limited company, acts as a receipt for number of shares allocated to the shareholder.

Transfer of Shares (£49.99)

The required documents and minutes to demonstrate a share transfer from one shareholder to another

For more information or to buy one of our share service click here: Share Services

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