Recent Company Formation Owners Ignore Safety Laws


One of the things many business owners complain about when asked about what it is like to form and run a company in the UK, is the amount of bureaucracy and re tape the have to endure. However, a recent report conducted b y the Charted Institute of Personal Development, has claimed that many small businesses and recently formed companies are flouting health and safety legislation.

The report found that an overwhelming 80% of all the businesses surveyed, said that at some time since they were incorporated, they did not have any first aid capabilities, while 10% of business owners admit that they have not carried out a risk assessment of their office.

Sian Williams, business advisor to the CIPD comments; “While we appreciate that running a small business is dominated by activities such as form filling, Health and safety is an area where all businesses, no matter how small, need to be diligent. It is understandable that many small businesses feel intimidated by all the legislation and red tape, but they are there for a reason; to protect business and the people who work for them.”

There is information available to help small businesses adhere to their legal obligations. Have a look at the St John’s Ambulance website for more details.


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