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Last Updated: 10/09/2014

Our free Company Admin Portal is a valuable resource for your Limited Company. Through the portal you can:

• Appoint/Resign Directors
• Appoint/Resign Secretaries
• Update Director/Secretary information
• Update the Registered Office
• Complete a Return of Allotment of Shares
• Change your Accounting Reference Date
• File an Annual Return (for a small fee)

When using the portal, a good habit to get into is to select the “Sync Data with Companies House” option as soon as you login. This updates our system so it reflects the information that Companies House has for your company. To do this:

1. Login
2. Select “My Companies”
3. Select the company you wish to work on
4. Select “Sync Data with Companies House” at the top of the page – your information will now reflect that held at Companies House

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