The 9 steps to Forming a Limited by Guarantee Company


forming a limited by guarantee companyLast Updated: 10/09/2014

As well as forming Private Limited by Share Companies, we also form Limited by Guarantee Companies. Here’s how.

1. Purchase our Limited by Guarantee Service

2. You will be directed to your Dashboard – select “Continue” next to “Please Choose a Company Name Limited”

3. Next to “Please Choose a Company Name Limited” – select “change” – enter the company’s proposed name

4. Enter the Registered Office address

5. Enter the Director details

6. Enter the Member details

7. Enter the Secretary details (optional)

8. Select if you wish to use our default Memorandum & Articles or upload your own

9. Review all the information entered – if there are changes to be made, navigate back to the relevant section and make the required changes – if happy with the information click “Submit”, the application is then sent to Companies House where it is normally formed within 3 working hours

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