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The Company Secretarial Management System – Latest Update

Regular readers of our blog will notice that we’re constantly updating and improving our ICAEW accredited Company Secretarial Management System. Our latest update is the ability for users to delete companies from the system.

If there is a company on the system that has been dissolved or you are simply not involved with a company anymore, you can now remove the company from the Secretarial System.



• View “My Companies”.

• Select the company you wish to remove.

• Select “Quick Links” and then select “Delete company from system”

• You will then be taken to the final page before the company is deleted. There is an optional field where you can explain the reason for having the company deleted. Confirm via a tick box that

a. you want to remove all records of the company from the Companies Made Simple system
b. you understand the statutory obligations regarding this company

• Select “Delete”. The company is then removed.

Signing up for the Company Secretarial Management System is completely free. For more information or to sign-up, click here: Simple Company Secretarial Management

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