The Company Secretarial System: Changing the Accounting Reference Date


changing your accounting reference dateIf you administer numerous UK limited companies, then our free ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) accredited company secretarial system is ideal. The system allows you to carry out numerous admin tasks for your limited companies, one of which is changing the accounting reference date with Companies House. To do this (once a company has been imported onto our system, all we need is the company number and authentication code):

• Select the company that you wish to change the accounting reference date for from “My Companies”
• Next to “Accounting Reference Date” select “Change Date”
• Read the information, select if you are changing the current or previous period, enter the new date, select if the company has changed the AR period more than once in the last five years, click “Send”
• The request is then sent to Companies House where it’s normally accepted within 3 working hours

Because Companies House does not charge to do this, neither do we. For more information on the company secretarial system or to signup click here:

ICAEW accredited Company Secretarial System

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