Tips For Working From Home


You now have a business but it may be possible that you do not have premises for your new company other than your residential address. So what will it be like working from home?

Have discipline: since you’re most relaxed at home and in a familiar environment, its even easier to procrastinate! Time-eating activities i.e. Facebook or that double episode of Coronation Street are more likely to throw you off a productive day. Create a task list or give yourself a time window to get things done in time for X Factor!

Technology is key: there are a multitude of tools available to help you get your work done. Social media can be the lynchpin in keeping your business relevant and up to date. There are phone applications which help you to keep an inventory of stock and create financial reports. All these things can be done with minimal input from you but make things easier in the long run.

Do what you love: when it comes down to it, you have started your business because you’re passionate and love what you do. Not only will you enjoy it more but, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

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