UK Company Formation – What are the real costs?


The cost of setting up a UK Private Limited Company is becoming as muddy as a Glastonbury field in June. It really shouldn’t be. It’s easy:

£20 if you are applying with the paper forms. £15 if you are applying online (if you have the required software to do so). That is it.

If you decide to form your company online with a Company Formation agent check what you are getting for your money.  An emailed copy of your Memorandum and Articles of Association (already drawn up) and an emailed copy of your Certificate of Incorporation should come as standard.

Remember, the Formation Agent’s are being charged £15 per incorporation. Are they including this £15 in the initial quote or is it being added on top at the checkout stage as a hidden cost?

For the basic online company formation you should be paying no more than £25, anymore than this and you should look elsewhere.