We are Simple!


As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on being Simple. Making our processes as simple as possible for our customers is a priority. So when the “Global Brand Simplicity Index” survey was released by design agency Siegal+Gale, we were very interested.

The survey questioned 6,000 consumers on all things “simple”. Not surprisingly, the findings, in short, were; the easier the better. What intrigued us the most was the section on brands and what makes a brand simple. Of course, we couldn’t help but compare ourselves to the criteria set out.

According to the survey, the following are what the leading brands are doing “that makes consumers rate them highly in terms of simplicity”:

• Communicating directly, clearly and without jargon
• Saving time with increased convenience and accessibility
• Reducing stress by providing saving/value
• Ease of use and interactions
• Enabling consumers to get more from life: deeper relationships easygoing lifestyles

So do we offer these?

As a company formation agent, we recognise the importance of communicating clearly. Forming companies doesn’t have to be confusing. We keep jargon to an absolute minimum.

Our quick and simple formation process is ridiculously quick. We can form a company within 3 hours!

Our formation process cuts out all the stress involved with forming a company.

Our customers can interact with us in a variety of ways. We offer telephone support, email support and “live chat”. We’ve also embraced social media with Twitter and Facebook pages.

Of course, we’re always looking for ways we can improve our services. So if you’ve any ideas please let us know.

This post was brought to you by Mathew Aitken at Companies Made Simple

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