What is … Maintenance of Statutory Books?

Maintenance of Statutory Books

Maintenance of Statutory Books

Last Updated: 19/08/2014

When forming a limited company you may notice the service “Maintenance of Statutory Books”. So what is this?

The Maintenance of Statutory Books is a digital record of all your company’s statutory information. This includes:

• Company Name, Company Number & Registered Office
• Accounting Reference Date and other Important Dates
• List of Company Directors & their Service Address
• List of Company Secretaries & their address
• List of Shareholders & how many shares they hold
• Company Share Capital

If you formed your company on the Printed package (or upwards) you will be able to download a pdf of all this information when logged in to your company admin portal.

Because all the above information can change, so can the digital record. To download an updated version of the stat books simply “Sync Data with Companies House” then “Download Company Statutory Info”.

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