What is the Company Register?


The Company Register… Explained

The Company Register is a physical register that comes as part of our Ultimate Company Registration Package; it can also be purchased separately from our General Company Products area for £24.99 plus VAT.

As described on our General Company Products page, the Company Register is; “A stylish register to store all of your official statutory company documents. Organised in logical sections with tabbed labelling for easy navigation”.

It is made up of 10 sections dedicated to:

• Applications and Allotment
• Members
• Transfers
• Directors and Secretaries
• Directors’ Interests
• Debentures
• Mortgages and Charges
• Minute Book
• Share Certificates
• Documents and Registrar

If you have any questions in regards to the Company Register, simply contact us or comment on this blog and we’ll get back to you.

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