When is offshore company formation the right choice?


When is offshore company formation the right choice?

At Company Formation MadeSimple we’re proud to offer a great deal of freedom and flexibility for your business, whatever type of company you choose. Although a large segment of our customers are interested in setting up a limited company, we also make an effort to cater for those with more specific business needs.

This includes offshore company formation, in addition to other specialised company formation products. This can be useful when you’re looking to expand or change your business once you’ve started out – or perhaps when you have an exciting new business idea you’d like to start.

But when do you need an offshore company and what benefits does offshore company formation with MadeSimple have?

When would an offshore company be the right choice?

There are numerous benefits to offshore companies, but what is the real need to form a company offshore? There are many reasons – and you may find that forming a company offshore is the right choice in the following examples:

  1. Web & eCommerce – If your business is web based then you may very well have global eCommerce transactions. The easier company reporting requirements in offshore jurisdictions can simplify this process. If you’re doing substantial business internationally this may make offshore company formation a practical choice.
  2. Shipping & Logistics – Shipping and logistics companies operating internationally can help reduce taxation with an offshore company. Taxation on shipping can be very high – since the recession many economies including Greece have increased taxation on shipping. In such an instance, offshore company formation can be a pragmatic way to alleviate particularly high taxation and enable a business to provide more competitively priced shipping options to customers.
  3. Investors & Backers – If you or your company are involved with trading, then an offshore company can enable you to buy and sell shares confidentially. This is particularly beneficial for high profile investment companies – this is because in such cases trading publicly may result in a reaction from competitors or creditors.

So there you have a list of 3 practical reasons why offshore company formation might be a sensible choice. It all depends on the nature of the business you are running of course, but in some instances it may be a very practical option.

There are a lot of benefits to forming your company overseas, one of which is the often fairly low rate of taxation in foreign territories. This can be a big part of the appeal in many cases of offshore company formation.

Lower tax rates and the ability to avoid multiple forms of taxation on the same earnings are something that companies of all sizes can benefit from – from small owner-managed companies to larger multinational corporations.

Flexible offshore company formation

At Company Formation MadeSimple we are pleased to provide offshore company formation in a range of jurisdictions. These include Anguilla, Belize and the Seychelles – so you can form your company offshore today with a great degree of flexibility.

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