Where’s my Companies House Web filing Authentication Code?


Last Updated: 11/09/2014

If you formed your limited company with Companies Made Simple and have misplaced your Companies House Web filing Authentication Code, have no fear. We have your code! To view the code simply:

• Select “My Companies”
• Select the relevant company
• Your Web filing Authentication Code is in the fourth field from the top

To check that the code is still valid select the “Sync Data with Companies House” button at the top of the page, if you receive the following message; “Your company has been synchronised with data from Companies House”, the code is still valid.

If the code has expired you will receive the following, “Invalid Company Authentication Code”. In this situation you need to:

• Register for Companies House Webfiling
• Login to Companies House Webfiling
• Select “Forgotten authentication code”

The code will then be mailed to your registered office, once received let us know the new code and we’ll update our system.

This post was brought to you by Mathew Aitken at Companies Made Simple – The Simplest Company Formation Service

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