Where Can I Find My Company Registration Number?


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If you’ve misplaced your company’s registration number there are a number of places that you can find it free of charge. Let’s take a look.

Your Certificate of Incorporation

Your company’s ‘birth certificate’ includes your company number as well as other basic company information. If you’ve got a copy of the certificate, great – if not, you can always purchase a copy for £1.99 plus VAT.

Your Company Admin Portal

If you formed your company with us, log in and then select ‘My Companies’. The registration number will appear on the next page.

Company Search MadeSimple

Enter your company name and then hit ‘Search’ – your number awaits.

The Companies House Website

Select ‘Start now’ from the Companies House website and then enter your company name. The number will then appear below the search bar.

There you have it, four quick and simple ways to find your company’s registration number.

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