Working for other people stinks. Want to know why?



Monday to Friday, 9-5. Boo. Weekend. Yay! Sound familiar? Of course it does. The average person spends 10.5 years of their life working, and working for someone else nonetheless. It’s pretty much how we all choose (yes choose) to live our lives. Are we suggesting there is an alternative? Another way to do it? We’ll get to that question in a bit. First let’s look at five reasons why working for someone else truly stinks.

Not reaching your full potential

If you’re employed by someone else you’re a cog in a system. It’s quite possible that playing this ‘part’ is allowing you to reach your full potential and this makes you happy. On the other hand, maybe it’s not. Think of all that other stuff you’re interested in, love even – and now think again about your job. Is it possible that you’re wasting something – something that you don’t even recognise as a talent yet? Perhaps you enjoy writing about a particular topic, maybe you’re into crafts. Don’t be surprised – as most of us do have hidden talents that we’re not making the most of.

You have no control over your life

Unless you truly do have the best job (but you are still reading) you will have little input on what days you work, what hours you work, where you work, who you work with and what you work on. If you do want to take some time off you need to seek permission. You have very little say over your own life. And worst of all, you could be called into a meeting tomorrow and told you’re no longer required. What are you going to do then?

Everything is so… yawn

You do your job, you get paid, you spend your money on pleasant things that take your mind off work. You may even take a chunk of time off here and there to really take your mind off work. Then you get back to work. Life is comfortable but dare we say, boring? Don’t you want to push yourself and do something exciting?

You’re not reaping all the rewards

The company you work for exists for one reason; to make its owners money. It’s great that you’re helping someone else with their dream, and you are getting paid – but just consider how amazing it would be to run a successful business and take home more money.

You have the talent

Don’t be modest about this. Your employer knows that you have a particular set of skills. You wouldn’t have a job if this wasn’t the case. Now think about how you could take these skills and put them to use in a way that’ll make you happier.

It’s not always about having a revolutionary business idea. Consider all the businesses you know about. Sure, there are your Apples, Amazons, Googles, Facebooks – the startups that became billion pound businesses. However, there are far more small companies who are doing great, rewarding, fulfilling business without ‘disrupting the market’.

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