Your Company Details page: ‘My Services’ now added


Service Page (2)

The ‘Company Details’ page is the go-to place for all information on your limited company. As well as being able to view a multitude of info, it also allows you to make various changes/updates to the company. For example, you could appoint a new director, change the registered office, file an annual return and more. To access the ‘Company Details’ page: Login > Select ‘My Companies > Click on the company name.

Now, as part of our ongoing goal of making life simpler for you – we’ve added a ‘My Services’ option to the ‘Company Details’ page.

“What does this mean for me?”

It means that you can efficiently manage any services that you have with us. The example below shows exactly how this looks (using our Registered Office service as an example):


If you click ‘Manage services’ or ‘Manage’ we’ll take you through to a screen that allows you to renew any outstanding services that you have – for all the companies in your account:


Do you have any questions about this new addition? Leave a comment on this post or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

By Mathew Aitken at MadeSimpleFind Mathew on Google+