Our Facebook Page: A Confession


Our Facebook activity to date has been shoddy. Tweets rehashed as updates. Content for the sake of content. Social Media for Social Media’s sake. So what are we going to do about it?

Well first off, we don’t want this page to be about us, we want it to be about you. We want to create a hub for all things business. Somewhere you can come with business related questions and get honest answers and feedback from like-minded users and some of the expert friends we’ve picked up.

That doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop posting entirely. Frequent visitors to our Facebook page will have noticed that over the last two weeks our updates have been much more visual than they were previously. We’re going to continue along this path, posting pictures of office related activity and stuff that we think you’ll find interesting. If you don’t find it interesting let us know.

To get the conversation started we’re also going to post questions that we want your feedback on. Going back to our major point, we want this to be about you. We are interested in what you think so if you have an opinion about something we’ve asked (or something we haven’t), let us know.

Finally, we’re going to introduce competitions and offers unique to Facebook. Really. This is something that we’ve mentioned before and it’s never taken off. This time it will.

Now it’s up to you. Let us know what you want from our Facebook page and just as importantly let us know what you don’t want. The changes have started already so keep your eyes on the page (especially for new tabs that allow you to connect directly with our sites) to see how things evolve.

Thank you to everyone who has already given us feedback regarding this, it’s because of you that we’re reviewing the processes in the first place. We hope you enjoy the new page!

Not a fan of us yet? The Made Simple Group on Facebook.

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