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Setting up a business – when is the right time to do it?

Entrepreneurs want the ability to do business for themselves. It’s a strong impulse that many people have – but when do you actually take the plunge and form your own company?

Setting up a business is something Company Formation MadeSimple makes incredibly easy to do – and you might know already that you’re ready. If so choose a company registration package and set up your business today.

But if you’re just thinking about setting up a business, and are not sure – when is the right time to set up a company? 

When Does Setting Up A Business Become Necessary?

You need to set up a company when you start doing business. But it’s not necessarily that clear cut:

Generally speaking, setting up a business becomes necessary when you’re close to being ready to start. There are numerous ways to determine this, but essentially determining whether you have a viable business venture is the most important – you don’t want to focus on registering formally before you’re certain. 

Dormant Companies

If you’ve got a business operating outside of the UK limited company model, such as when you’re a sole-trader, you may wish to register a dormant company to reserve the name and start trading at a later date.

This can be appropriate for those just testing the water to see how things pan out – remember you will not be liable for Corporation Tax with a dormant company. You may still have to submit a return, however this can be taken care of with our Reserve a Company Name service as all statutory obligations and responsibilities are managed in house. 

HMRC & Corporation Tax – What You Need To Know

It is important to know that when you are setting up your business you will be required to pay Corporation Tax to HMRC if your company is considered ‘active’. According to HMRC a trading company is generally considered to be active when it is: 

  1. carrying on a business activity such as a trade or professional activity
  2. buying and selling goods with a view to making a profit or surplus
  3. providing services
  4. earning interest
  5. managing investments
  6. receiving any other income

So, when you’ve set up your business – you will be considered to be active by HMRC based on these criteria.

Setting Up A Business, In 4 Simple Steps   

If you’re ready to set up your company you can do it in just 4 simple steps by searching for your company name and choosing one of our company registration packages today.

It’s always an exciting time when you’re setting up a business, but knowing the right time to do so can be key to having a solid start to a successful business. 

Did you find this useful? There are many useful hints and tips on our blog, so make sure you check out the rest of our posts – especially the ones on ‘Company Registration’.

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