Small Businesses Concerned About Hiring Senior Employees


When the government announced its plans to scrap the default retirement age of 65 , many people feared what repercussions it would have for the small business, company formation and company registration sector;

Some felt that it would put yet another unnecessary pressure on small businesses, while other felt that small businesses would improve as consequence of their older employee’s experience. However, a recent report conduced by business consultants ‘JPM LTD’ has found that thirty per cent of small business owners are hesitant about hiring a person over the age of 60.

The survey, which asked over six hindered companies nationwide, also found that over forty per cent felt that it was a mistake to scrap the default retirement age.

Marcus Matthews, spokesperson for JPM LTD, comments; “The results of this survey are not surprising, the fact is the business sector is full of pre-conconceptions and discrimination. The government must be aware of this and monitor the way in which small businesses adapt to this new legislation.”

Not employing someone due to their age is against the law.


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