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Paying Yourself as a Director of an LTD

  As a limited company director, you are entitled to various benefits and perks. One of the most valuable perks is being in charge of your salary.

Write a Winning Business Plan: Start your own business on the right foot.

Every successful business begins with a comprehensive and airtight business plan. A business plan serves as a roadmap for your business which outlines your goals, your finances, and your strategies and provides you with a clear direction for your entrepreneurial journey.

How does a director/shareholder change their name?

Changing the name of a limited company director and shareholder is a quick and simple process. In this blog post we shall look at how to do this.

When incorporating a Limited by Shares company you will need a Director and a Shareholder. Both are pivotal to the general running of the company with the differences depending on the company type; Limited by Shares, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Limited by Guarantee.

What are corporate appointments?

All UK limited companies must have at least one director, one shareholder and one person with significant control (PSC). All these roles can be taken by one person, however - as well being able to appoint other people, you can also appoint other companies in roles too.

How to use your online admin portal

After you’ve formed your company with us it’s automatically placed on our post company formation admin portal. From here you can view and update various company information, including registered office and director information.

What is a limited company subscriber?

So you know what a director is (the person who runs the company), what a shareholder is (the person who owns the company), what a person with significant control is (the person who really owns the company) and what a secretary is (the person who takes care of the company admin… if you want to appoint one) but what on earth is a subscriber? Let’s take a look.

Infographic: What’s NOT simple for the UK’s startups?

In January 2016, with help from Virgin StartUp,

Updates to the company formation process: PSC and SIC

This month sees two important updates to the UK limited company formation process; the addition of a ‘People with Significant Control’ (PSC) section and the addition of a 'Standard Industrial Classification' (SIC) section. Let’s take a look at what this means for you when forming a company.

Where is my Certificate of Incorporation?

All limited companies formed with us are provided with a digital version of the certificate of incorporation (think of it as a company’s birth certificate) that is available to view and download as soon as the company has been formed. In this post we’ll look at how you can download yours.

Choosing the Right Structure for Your Business: Limited Company or Sole Trader?

The two most popular business structures in the UK are Limited Companies and Sole Traders. In this post we’re going to look at the two and highlight some of the pros and cons of each.

Pitching your business: The Perfect Pitch Checklist

Being able to pitch confidently is a vital skill if you want to take your business to the next level. To help you deliver a killer presentation (and make sure you’re prepared for it), we’ve created The Perfect Pitch Checklist.

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