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Company Formation Owners Need to Get Online

It is a well documented fact that consumer behaviour has changed exponentially as a consequence of e-commerce. The internet has changed the way we interact with, buy from and ultimately communicate with brands. A recent survey conducted by, revealed that almost 83% of all consumers shop on an e-commerce site, at least one a week. Therefore can businesses really afford to ignore the power of online?
It seems not. According to the poll, customers are also less likely to make a purchase from a brand which does not have some form of online presence. Over a half said that they expected most brands to at least have a website , while over 50% of all those asked said that they would prefer to buy from a brand online.

Michael Arron, managing director of ‘Money Savers’, comments: “For most consumers, the internet is the first step of the purchasing process. They go online to research a product, compare the prices and ultimately purchase it. Buying online has become so much a part of our consumer culture that when a brand does not have a web presence many customers will be cautious from buying from them, as our research reveals.”

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