Company Formation Sector Welcome New Bill


On a number of occasions on this blog, we have noted the importance of having an online presence for your company and as the government announces the launch of the Getting British Business Online initiative, it seems we are not alone.

Responding to changes in consumer behaviour is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business and as the online retail sector has grown exponentially over the last five years, online is no longer a sector small business can afford to ignore.

The GBBO campaign allows businesses to create a basic ‘DIY’ website for their company for free. While it has been criticised by some divisions of the web design sector, the feedback from most web businesses has been positive.

Richard Monks, founder and CEO of online marketing company ‘Think Talk Media’ comments:” From our perspective any initiative – government or otherwise – which encourages business to realise the potential of the web, is great. While there are some people within the industry that feel the scheme threatens their business, most business owners understand that there has always been free web platforms available and web design companies have continued to grow.”

Monks added “The GBBO scheme only opens the door for small business into the world of online. Once they have experienced first hand the massive benefits having a website has, they will be ready to venture further and that is when they will need the support of a professional online marketing agency.”