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Marketing In a Downturn – A Case Study

Many small business owners start the company formation process, because they have a distinct skill, a different service to offer or they have spotted a niche in the market. It is unusual for a start up business owner to have the experience and marketing skills needed to negotiate the complex sector of advertising planning and buying. However, in the current economic context it has become vital they develop them. In this post we look at how Adam March, co-director of Homes According to You, took advantage of the opportunities offered by a declining advertising industry.

“When we first formed the company, the only thing we focused on was growing business. While we had employed a freelancer to design our logo and we had done a little bit of PR ourselves and advertised in the local press, we never considered TV, radio, print or online as media we could afford.”

“However, when I looked into it and contacted them I realised it was actually commercially viable. We planned an integrated campaign across radio, local TV and press. Sales increased exponentially and now we are currently developing our website so we can start advertising online.”

It would appear that cost is no longer a huge barrier for small businesses. But is it right for your brand? And how do you make sure your brand message is communicated in the right way, via the right media? In tomorrow’s post we will look at the various media available to help you make an informed decision.

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